Doug Nelson Sept 2007

What can I say, Our 13th Year with you proved equally as memorable as all the others. Kicking your butts this year in the Ryder Cup is even sweeter. South West Ireland is like our second home.

swing mini ryder cup 2007

Doug Nelson

Sept 2007

Dale, Meg and Stacey. Dale Nel, September 2007

I can’t believe I am back home already it went by so fast but Oh what a wonderful time we had. I just wanted to thank you  again for setting this all up, it really exceeded our expectations. It was great to start at Adare where we got our swings going. Had a wonderful time at the local pub watching Ireland getting beaten in the rugby match and then headed back to the castle and had a late night Irish Coffee (which we then had to have every night) in the library next the fire. The drive out from Killarney to Waterville was fantastic, it was a beautiful day and the golf was even better. We all agreed that Tralee was our favourite course, so beautiful and the wind was blowing like crazy but it was as though it was part of the golf course, we loved it. We kept bumping into all these American men that are over there playing and they were totally amazed that we had left our husbands at home and were out playing golf on these courses. They all wanted to buy us drinks because they could not believe we were there. One group of men actually walked off Tralee when the wind was howling and the rain was pelting us and we got an ovation when we walked back into the clubhouse looking like drowned rats but we did finish. We had a wonderful time finding our way around Ireland, it was not bad at all once I had got used to the traffic circles again. Thank you again.

Dale, Meg and Stacey

September 2007

John F. Sullivan, Sept 2007

We had a grand time in Ireland the past 10 days. The highlight of the trip was certainly the golf, particularly at Ballybunion. We also enjoyed our time in Dublin, Galway, and the Dingle Peninsula. Thank you for your efforts in putting this package together. We hope to visit your wonderful country again soon.



John F. Sullivan

Sept 2007

Jim Groschan, September 2007

Everything went off without a flaw last week. The schedule flowed perfectly. Thank you for all of your efforts in making this happen. We had a really great time. Paddy, you had so much to do with making this a great trip. 



Jim Groschan

September 2007

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