14 Mar 2017

The Best Golf Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow

The Best Golf Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow

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The Best Golf Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow

The Best Golf Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow

Finding the best golf twitter accounts can be tough. Golf Fans are inundated with information and sometimes it can hard see the forest from the trees. Not to worry, we have put together a list of the best golf Twitter accounts you should follow to satisfy those golfing needs!  If you have any other suggestions let us know.

We are starting this list with the most majestic of Twitter accounts, by Jove. Although this is not the real Peter Alliss that is so synonymous with the Masters, the account does do our favorite golf commentator justice. @TweeterAlliss will keep you updated with regular commentary on the week’s golf events in his unique style & is certain to brighten up your day. We’d have to vote this as the best golf Twitter account.

The guys over at the @PGATOUR have got their marketing down to a tee. With lightning fast updates from the week’s events as well as top quality content, the PGA Tour account is an essential follow.

New York Times best-selling author, award-winning national morning show host of “Fairways of Life” on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio and golf industry executive, Matthew E. Adams, is widely respected in the golf world and regularly travel’s to Ireland to play golf.

Known for giving the insider knowledge to the golfing world, Secret Tour Pro has been subject to various speculation as to who it might be. We recommend that you take each tweet with a pinch of salt but there has been some truth to the information provided. Saying that his tweets are still very entertaining and you will wonder whether or not it is Adam Scott…

Again, it hasn’t all materialized but who doesn’t love a bit of gossip, eh?

 Do you find yourself looking for the latest updates on the life & times of Tiger Woods? Well, this is the place to be. @TwSpot is a fan account that follows Tiger’s movements, rumors & will be the first to update you on any developments. A must for avid Tiger fans.

Club Pro Guy is another account guaranteed to give you laughs. His regular updates that ridicule the on-going’s in many golf clubs are on point. A must-follow.

 What can you say about Feherty? An all-around entertainer & comical genius. His passion for the game is second to none & his tweets live up to his quotes.

Skratch TV was set up by the PGA Tour & they post some of the best golf content out there. From brilliant, golf-style music videos to re-posting bot amazing and terrible golf shots, you will find yourself constantly retweeting their stuff.

 We couldn’t post a list without an honorable mention for Donal Hughes, who runs The “Doc” posts some of the funniest golf-related content out there and is always up-to-speed with golf events. Make sure to watch out for his betting tips every week. 

Obviously, we couldn’t make a list & not include ourselves, right? We try to be the go-to source for everything golf in Ireland and love posting the best pictures, videos & travel tips. We promise not to disappoint!

Probably the funniest golf-related twitter account out there, Darth Monty is a must-follow if you want some light-hearted updates. Whoever runs this account was certainly not a fan of Monty but we cannot help but be entertained. The tweets feature Monty taking credit for other golfers achievements & trying to spin himself in the best of light. 

We’re not sure that the real Monty would approve, though. 

Finally, we have to give a shoutout to the guys over at Newstalk who run Ireland’s only weekly golf podcast. Joe Molloy hosts the show which features analysis, light-hearted banter & quality debates.