Frequently Asked Questions

Tee times missed due to weather are handled on an individual basis by each course and are not the responsibility of SWING. In most cases the course will work to reschedule your round. If rescheduling is not possible, only the course has the discretion to authorise a refund. Please send the course authorisation to SWING for processing. Tee times missed for any other reason is the sole responsibility of the individual and not the golf club or SWING. Any refunds will incur administration charges.

Make sure to bring the vouchers that you received from SWING with you on your golf tour and exchange them at the golf courses for green fees and at the hotels for your accommodation bookings.

If your departure is delayed, please contact us and we will get in contact with your bus driver.

You may use a cash machine in Ireland to withdraw cash and they are widely available in towns and cities.

Our recommended dress code for all our golf clubs is the following:

  • Collared shirts must be worn, tucked in at all times.
  • No beach, sports tops, swim, or gym wear to be worn. If you do choose to wear denim or jeans, they must be smart, worn properly around the waist, and not ripped or torn.
  • Golf shoes are not allowed in the Bars or Restaurants.
  • All headwear must be removed on entering the Clubhouses.
  • All shorts must be knee length, tailored with socks pulled up.
  • Tracksuits may not be worn in the Clubhouses.
  • Jeans, denim clothing and collarless T-shirts are not permitted on the course at any time. Ladies may wear sleeveless shirts provided they are tailored.
  • Collared shirts must be worn when playing the course. They should be tucked in at all times.
  • Tracksuits are not acceptable on the courses.
  • Golf shoes (soft spikes only) must be worn at all times when playing or practicing (no training shoes or street footwear permitted).
  • All headwear must be worn the correct way around and removed on entering the Clubhouses.
  • All shorts must be knee length, tailored with socks pulled up.

Concierge / Driver gratuity is a personal issue with each party but it is part of your golf trip as your driver plays a big role in you having an enjoyable stay.

It depends on:

  1. Number of days driving
  2. Number in the travelling party
  3. Additional favours carried out such as incurring longer hours, cleaning clubs, running errands, making purchases on your behalf etc. and generally at your disposal throughout your stay
  4. Overall experience for the client and rapport with the driver.

While the above is a guideline for you the client, we as a company recommend a yardstick of €10 – €15 per person per day and a recommended minimum of €400 based on 4 Pax.

Ireland is does not have a very prominent tipping culture but tips are appreciated. The customary tip is 10% – 20%. Hotels & restaurants may include it in the bill as service charge. It is not customary to tip in bars unless you have table service. Tipping porters, taxi drivers etc. is at your own discretion.

Emergency services are contactable on 999 or 112. Doctor / Medical services are available in most towns and pharmacies are also widely available.

We can book you golf lessons with PGA Professionals while on your trip for either individual / group lessons or specific golf clinics.

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