Our trip was perfect!!!!i I was just having dinner her in the states with a group of people who want to go to Ireland and I said Rosa O”Shea is the girl! What I love is that since I like to plan the itinerary you fill in the golf times and set up just what we need. But this time you out did yourself! When we ordered the coach I thought it would be OK.. it was fantastic! It was beyond my expectations because of our exceptional driver fom Kerry Coaches.

Normally I ask a lot of questions about each detail of the trip. But I left the driver in your hands and it couldn’t have been more perfect. He was the most affable, sweetest, most knowledgable, courteous, fun driver we ever could have had. When I booked the driver since I had a set itinerary I never thought he would also be a tour guide!! WHAT A BONUS! (he also likes Van Morrison and the Chieftans which was fantastic for me!!!)

It was all so perfect I will always recommend Swing Golf to anyone who wants to go to Ireland,,,Rosa as my planner and Dennis as my driver! Next time I hope to go to a pub and have a pint with both for making my Irish days so perfect!

Miss the green grass, mist, knowing that Rosa has booked the tee times, and that Dennis is driving listening to Van or Lunausa.

Wishing you happy days,

PS Dennis, Molly is adjusting to the US aand we’re doing the best we can with her!

Conroy Group, US, June 2011