Good Morning SWING,

I thank you and your staff so much for making our Ireland family golf trip so memorable and fantastic!
We loved the fact that you were able to customize our schedule according to golf courses that Matt wanted to play and your communication was phenomenal! We, loved all the courses, they were just so breathtakingly beautiful!! But… we, absolutely loved Tralee and found that course to have the best caddy, and he was a member of that club!  For the most part, we had good Irish weather, some rain and some clouds!!  We had one difficult wet day during the trip, however, the doorman at our hotel saw us come in like drowned rats and offered for us to put our clubs and gear in the boiler room to help everything dry… that was terrific!! We appreciated that nice gesture immensely. 

The hotel was terrific, also, they had the gym and wonderful staff.

We thank you for arranging the 3 dinner reservations, we loved Lord Kenmare and appreciate the Saturday night reservation there.

Thanks again,  for putting together an unforgettable once in a lifetime trip for our family, we appreciate all your help!