Good Morning Paddy,
We arrived home safely. All went well with our journey home, we are now trying to get caught up on the sleep issue, We stopped by on our departure from Dromoland, and said our personal “good-byes” to John, very nice man, after our round of golf at Dromoland, John he sat down with us for lunch, its seems that everyone we came in touch with on this trip, knew you and had wonderful things to say, as I have said before. Elly and I have been truly blessed by meeting you and enjoying your company. I have told all the people that we have met, that know you. Our words alone cannot express our sincerest thanks to you for your hands on our shoulders to guide us through your beautiful country, we indeed, thank you for all your care and assistance with this wonderful trip, In the next few days, we shall get our film put together and share with you our trip. Our personal best regards,
We look forward to seeing you soon,
Elly & Ron Paton, US, Sept 2010