Dear  SWING Golf:
We returned home yesterday from our week in Southwest Ireland arranged by you. It was truly a wonderful week, everything happened just as it was planned. The golf courses were all great and the arrangements were all set up with the times and caddies as requested. Our favorites were Waterville, Tralee, Ballybunion (Old course) and Adare. Killeen was probably a good place to start as it was not quite as difficult as the others and was very close to Killarney. I should have listened to your recommendations on the number of rounds of golf in six days as we would probably have enjoyed it even more with only 1 round of golf a day!! Not your fault just advise for us for the future. Thanks to all of you for arranging this trip for myself, my two sons and my son-in-law. We will long remember with great joy our week in Southwest Ireland!! We will be sure to give SWING Golf a very positive recommendation at every opportunity! Thanks again.
Ernest Taylor, USA, June 2010