We are back from our week in Cork and Killarney and basking in a wonderful experience. The only thing you or ourselves could not organise was the weather, and of course, it was quite stunning throughout. It obviously never rains in southern Ireland! 

As for the golf, that too was perfect, from the rolling beauty of the Killarney courses to the awesome links at Waterville. And as for Old Head; what an incredible experience! The only thing I would add in this category is that we ‘discovered’ Beaufort, where we had lunch on our day off. I think that would make a rather more gentle addition to any tour people are planning in the area. It was a lovely spot.

Finally, we were all bowled over by the friendliness of absolutely everybody we met. It made every moment a great pleasure.

So the whole week was a joy, and you may be assured that if we plan another week sometime – and I for one very much hope to do that – then we will be in touch with you at Swing Golf.

With kindest regards,