Sorry I did not send this to you sooner, but wanted to thank you again for your exceptional kindness and care during our recent golf visit to Ireland. I greatly appreciated the special hired car arrangements you were able to secure for me to get from Tralee to Dublin. The ride was very scenic and without trouble. I was able to enjoy much more of beautiful Eire while enroute. Paddy’s directions were impeccable; I really didn’t need the GPS at all. The lads all had a great time, however, I suspect Guinness and Jameson will be in business for another few years despite our best effort to deplete their inventories. Thanks again for all of your assistance and attention to our arrangements. Your help was greatly appreciated!! Looking forward to another visit to Eire soon!! Cheers,
Mike Moldenhauer
Kohler Golf – “Jeff Cheney group” USA. May 2009