Murphy group Trophy Ceremony at Old Head

I had not forgotten you. I am just tardy. We had a great time in Ireland and stopped in Eastern Canada on our way home to visit family and some old friends.

Everything you had organized was good. The only comment we would make is that we only got to play a few holes at Lahinch. I realize that I requested that routing but in retrospect it would have been better if we had started with the European Club and gone the other way around if we could have successfully gotten tee times and then maybe we would not have run into a tournament or had to back tract either.

We loved Old Head and had a beautiful day to play it. Ballybunion was still very high on the men’s list and I really liked Doonbeg as did they. The one day we had rain was at Portmarnock. There was also a high wind that day so the two together made it difficult and not fun!! But it too is a great course.

Our accommodation was good. The Cashen Course House we especially liked. We had a great view at the Trident and of course I have a special place in my heart for Kinsale. We had good food and of course the people everywhere are delightful.

All in all we were very happy with our experience and would happily recommend you and Swing. I know our son will go back at some point to play some of those courses again. Should he make any further comments when we talk to him, I will pass them on to you.

Thanks for your help.

Murphy Group, CAN, Aug 2011