Once again, thank you for your great works of mercy and magic on this our 17th  year!  You always seem to put us at the right place, at the right time! Yesterday, when we returned home, one of the guys sent us a great assessment of  the trip. He wrote, “. . . I spent the better part of last night recalling many of the great moments of the last week!  I was very careful in telling my wife how much fun I had, in fear that she would conclude that I would rather spend 6 days with you guys, than her.  Truth is, if the last 6 days are anything close to what heaven is like, I might have to start attending daily Mass!”

All the best, and we look forward to next year’s adventure! Slainte!


Hi Eileen – It was a fantastic trip and it was great to see you at Tralee!  I brought the course to its knees on Tuesday with an 84, but it took it’s revenge on Friday, throwing me a 94!  That’s golf and life. Btw, the young lady harpist, Lorraine, was excellent. I think we made her year –  she got a lot of tips.

Thanks again for everything!