It was truly a great trip about which I have nothing to complain about.

It was my original intent to do all my bookings for golf and hotel myself rather than use a company like SWING.

On reflection I think that would have been a big mistake and would probably have caused me lots of stress and the same for my guests.

All our hotel reservations were set up appropriately including the last minute ones for my brother. The hotels were expecting us and the hotel rooms were very comfortable and more than satisfactory.

Our golf tee times were also efficiently managed and all our last minute requests at the courses were catered for.

The staff at both the golf courses and the hotels were extremely courteous and helpful. The food we enjoyed in the hotels and at the clubhouses was excellent.

If I’m ever organizing another golf trip to Ireland I will contact SWING, provide them with the trip outline and leave the rest up to them. I won’t hesitate to recommend SWING to anyone that I hear is thinking of a golf trip to Ireland.