My new friend Mary here at the Brookhaven House in Waterville tells me that you are a real person and a nice one at that.  I thought so, too.

I played a tough day today at Waterville.  Lots of wind and rain.  But, that is what I expected and had been very lucky on the weather up to now.

With only a round or two to go, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help.  It has been a great trip!  My next one will be more simple as I plan to play two rounds each at my two favorites: Tralee and Adare.  Lord have mercy those are beautiful courses!

But, I cannot complain about any.  Even Ring of Kerry, suited me fine.  It was filled with local people and to me, that is the best.  They were so friendly and welcoming and the course reminded me of the many local courses I had played over my years of travel to various parts of the world. If I bring my wife on my next trip, that would be a special area to stay an extra day or two.  It was much like a beloved course in Akoroa, New Zealand. I am glad I took the cart!

So, I raise a pint to you and your team. Great vacation!  I will write a little on each place perhaps on the plane home, but every B&B and every course was great.  .


P.S.  I have always said, “You know, a fine golf course is like a beautiful woman – no matter how badly she treats you when you are together, you dream of her when you are apart.”  Now I have so many more to dream of…

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