Dear SWING Team,

 Just wanted to provide some feedback on our Ireland/Northern Ireland trip.

You did an outstanding job in planning–we were expected, and perfectly welcomed, at every stop. You even planned about the best weather the region could have ever had for golf! Thanks for the absolutely outstanding trip–we will recommend SWING to friends for sure!

 You had asked for comments/specific feedback on trip elements, for your future planning:

First, every golf course was just about perfect for us. The caddie arrangements were set, the staffs treated us as members, and it goes without saying the golf itself was magnificent. Every course provided great access to bar/food areas of the clubhouse, and that made the day at each club complete.

 With regards to accommodation we were pleased we all of them. You did great planning for location, particularly for the short timing we had given to you for planning the trip.  ALL of the staffs were amazing and helpful in every way imaginable.

I travel a great deal for golf, all over the world, and this was exceptionally well done by you and all the folks at SWING–a big Thank You from John and I for your efforts to make a great memory for us!

All the best,