What to wear golfing in Ireland

It is important to abide by the dress codes of the golf clubs you visit. Get answers to all your questions about what to wear on golf courses and in clubhouses during your Irish golf tour.

When preparing for an unforgettable golf holiday in Ireland, it’s important to pack the right clothing to ensure comfort and performance on the fairways and beyond.

Our helpful guide explains what you can wear on Irish golf courses and in the clubhouses you visit.

Smart-casual golf attire

All golf clubs expect visitors to dress in smart casual clothing. We recommend you choose a mix of golf shirts, polos, and lightweight layers that facilitate easy movement during your swings.

Golf-friendly pants or shorts crafted from flexible materials will ensure unrestricted movement during your game.

Golf shoes in Ireland

Wear waterproof and comfortable shoes to keep your feet dry on potentially damp fairways.

Packing an extra pair of shoes suitable for the golf course will keep you prepared for unexpected rain showers.

Weather-ready outerwear

The unpredictable Irish weather requires you to pack strategically for all conditions. You can get multiple seasons over the course of a round of golf in Ireland, including sun, rain and hail. Check the Irish weather forecast in advance of teeing off to give you the best chance of staying protected from the elements.

While it’s important to pack for rain and wind, you should also keep some sun lotion ready during the summer months.

Do your research into the best all-weather jackets for your golfing trip to Ireland. A high-quality rain jacket will shield you from rain while maintaining optimal comfort.

Golf rain pants and rain gloves can be a valuable addition to your travel wardrobe, providing protection against sudden downpours.

Finally, don’t forget to pack a lightweight rain hat to keep your head dry. Use a waterproof golf bag or golf travel bag to carry your items.

Dress codes on golf courses

Both male and female golfers should adhere to the standard smart-casual dress code required while playing golf on Irish courses, which combines comfort and style.

Dress rules for men on golf courses in Ireland

PermittedNot permitted
Collared or mock collared shirts with sleeves, tucked in at all times
Knee-length tailored shorts or trousersLong, ankle and trainer socks
Golf shoes (soft spikes only) must be worn at all times when playing or practicing
Headwear worn the correct way around
Untucked or collarless shirts, t-shirts, vests, rugby/football shirts
Jeans, Beachwear, denim shorts, tracksuits
Shorts more than 4 inches above the knee
No socks
Training shoes or street footwear

Dress rules for women on golf courses in Ireland

PermittedNot permitted
Collared shirts, including sleeveless
Collared shirts designed to be worn outside shorts
Knee-length tailored shorts or skirts
Long, ankle and trainer socks
Golf shoes (soft spikes only) must be worn at all times when playing or practicing
Headwear worn the correct way around
Collarless t-shirts, cropped or strappy tops
Jeans, Denim clothing
Shorts or skirts more than 4 inches above the knee
No socks
Training shoes or street footwear

What to wear in golf clubhouses in Ireland

These are the broad dress code rules for what to wear in the clubhouses you visit.

PermittedNot permitted
Knee-length tailored shorts or trousers with socks pulled up
Denim or jeans must be smart, worn properly around the waist, and not ripped or torn
A jacket and tie is only required in the Christy O’Connor Room and Dining Room of Royal Dublin Golf Club.
No other courses require a jacket and tie
Golfing shoes are not allowed in bars or restaurants
Beach, sports tops, swim, or gym wear

Year-round golfing considerations

Ireland’s golfing season extends throughout the year. Layering your clothing will help you adapt to shifting weather conditions.

Check the average monthly data on Irish weather conditions to get a better idea of what you can expect during your trip to Ireland.

If your golfing adventure takes you north, don’t forget to check the weather in Northern Ireland.

Golf trip packing tips

Here’s our top tips to help you decide what to pack for playing golf in Ireland:

  • Use plastic bags in a lightweight golf bag to protect your items from damp conditions on the golf course
  • Embrace layering with moisture-wicking base layers and lightweight sweaters. This approach keeps you comfortable throughout your round, adapting to temperature fluctuations
  • Alongside waterproof golfing shoes, pack comfortable walking shoes for off-course explorations and leisure activities
  • Carry a portable phone charger to ensure your devices stay powered, capturing your golfing memories
  • Store essential documents, such as your ID, golf course reservations, and travel itinerary, in a waterproof pouch

If you choose to bring your own clubs, golf balls or kit, read our expert advice on golf equipment for your trip.

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