15 Feb 2019

Irish Open 1991 Challenge

Irish Open 1991 Challenge

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Below you will find 8 signatures that were captured on the Killarney Golf & Fishing Club scorecard during the Irish Open of 1991. Your task is to make an attempt to identify the signatures and let us know by emailing with  your full name and your answers.     

Two lucky winners will each receive a  Golf Buddy LR5 Range Finder.


1.If more than 2 get all 8 correct then all will be notified and a draw will take place.

2. If no one gets all 8 names correct then we will go to the next best return and in the event of ties we will also do a draw.             

Killarney Golf & Fishing Club is one of Ireland’s top golfing meccas for both International and Domestic visitors. Its superb location along the shores of the world famous Lakes of Killarney and sheltered by the majestic McGillicuddy Reeks mountain range is a joy to behold. The clubs has 2 high quality 18 hole courses, Mahony’s Point and Killeen, with the latter having hosted 4  very successful European Tour Irish Open events in 1991/92 and 2010/11. The vibrant town of Killarney is only 10 mins away and many golf visitors coming to the South West stay in Killarney at some point in time with its numerous quality hotels, restaurant, bars, shops and excellent night life. A visit here is a must in your golfing lifetime.



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