Golf Ireland – Providing the best of South West Ireland

Not only does the South West provide the best golf in Ireland, but it has its own ancient and rich history. Geological movements of the earth’s plates gave us lofty mountains and seascapes. Volcanoes created islands like the Blasket Islands off the coast of Co. Kerry. Glaciers carved out lake-filled valleys like Killarney, and the receding ice allowed for magnificent woodlands, flora and wildlife to evolve.

Megalithic tombs and monuments older than the pyramids are found throughout the region. Visitor centres and museums such as the Burren in Co. Clare and the Cobh Heritage Centre in Cork, which depicts the last port of call for the Titanic can, help you trelive times past. The many outdoor activities include, hill walking, cycling, horse riding, shooting, fishing,sailing and surfing as well as participation in the annual festivals and horse racing events held throughout the south west region.

Visitors can observe the Irish express their culture through poetry, song and dance, with every town and village having its own traditional performers, not to mention our Gaelic footballers and hurlers. Better again, why not join them in their fun while downing a pint of the ‘Black Stuff’ in our world famous ‘Irish Pubs.’