Due to EU regulations, all public service vehicles throughout Europe are fitted with tachograph devices to measure the working time of the driver. Due to this, the daily rates apply to a relevant vehicle for a maximum of nine hours driving time per day. The most important part of this is that the driver has 11 hours’ clear rest period from when he finishes and starts again on the following morning.

The driver would certainly have no problem dropping clients to dinner on a given evening and then the group will make their own way back to their accommodation. Please also note that due to regulations, a driver may not work for more than 6 consecutive days (outside of Killarney) without taking a mandatory rest of 1 or 2 days. Due to this regulation, a driver will therefore not be able to remain with a group for the entire duration of their stay if it is longer than 6 days. A substitute driver will cover the rest days or remainder of the trip.

However, if the group go north and spend a night out of the Republic, the 12-day rule comes into play; (where the driver does not have to rest after six days) but when he finishes he must have 4 days off. The daily rest remains the same.